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Stand For Responsible Development & Affordability

Jake isn’t afraid to take on special interests. He pledges to require developers to build more inclusive housing and contribute to the city’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund. Jake will scrutinize the tax abatement process for development projects, opposing any abatements that take money from our public schools.

Developers have had it too easy under the current administration. While Jersey City has pay-to-play ordinances in effect, there are ways around them that have been taken advantage of.

Right now one-third of Downtown's properties do not pay into our public schools because of our current abatement practice. And this past summer millions of dollars of state aide to our schools were cut. It is only going to get worse next year. We need our abated properties to step up to the plate and chip in. That is why Jake is proud to be running alongside Councilman Chris Gadsden from Ward B. Councilman Gadsden has introduced legislation to stop abatements from taking money from our public schools once and for all. 

Developers seeking abatements should also help us meet our other community needs. For example, abatements should come with requirements to help us meet sustainability. After all, storm water management is a real issue in Jersey City. Many of us - including Jake - remember how hard Hurricane Sandy's storm surge hit Downtown. 

Downtown has become increasingly expensive to live in. It effects all of us. Pending legislation at the city level would require 20% affordable housing in any residential property receiving an abatement. This helps all of us living Downtown. Jake would vote for that legislation. 

Jake has also raised the issue of exploring workforce housing to support our teachers, fire fighters, and police. If our public servants live in Jersey City, rather than outside our city limits, their personal connection to their work is stronger. And that increases the quality of their service to our community. We all win.

Jake also proposes that developers can help us showcase our greatest local artists. Learn more here.

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